A FedRAMP Assessment is Tough

Nearly 300 security controls, 1,000s of pages of documentation, and a rigorous assessment stand between you and FedRAMP accreditation. It's stressful. It's expensive. And, if you're a CSP who wants to do business with the Federal Government, it's critical for your future.

Don't Make it Any Harder

Our clients, including the US Army, CENTCOM, the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA and the Intelligence Community, operate the most complex systems on the planet. We help these demanding organizations navigate challenging compliance requirements and implement automated, cost-effective continuous monitoring solutions.

But so what? Those are Government organizations. Private Sector compliance is different. Careless implementation of compliance regimes can undermine established business processes, limit profitability, and hamper innovation.Lunarline is a FedRAMP-Accredited 3PAO and Cloud Security thought leader

That's why we specialize in guiding Private Sector organizations through the process of interpreting, tailoring and implementing Federal security requirements. With over 150 Private Sector clients, we have honed an approach to compliance that minimizes stress, lowers cost, and preserves existing business processes. This approach has helped some of the World’s most technologically advanced companies – including satellite providers, global healthcare organizations, and innovative software development groups – successfully adapt Federal security standards to their unique environments.

The World's Largest CSPs Choose Lunarline for a Reason

Lunarline has conducted over 500 successful Security Assessments and Authorizations, using the same standards required by FedRAMP. In the process we’ve mastered every piece of the compliance puzzle.

We offer a suite of training, services and products to streamline FedRAMP compliance and automate continuous monitoring.

  • Training: we provide FedRAMP and security compliance training, tailored to your organization's unique requirements and technology. We'll teach you how to tailor controls, prepare documentation, identify and fix problems, and survive an assessment.
  • Services: we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to implement a tailored, efficient, lasting compliance program.
  • Products: our automated continuous monitoring products provide real-time insight into enterprise compliance posture.

We'll work with you to develop a custom tailored FedRAMP solution that makes the most sense for your organization. Contact us at fedramp@lunarline.com to get started.

Independent 3PAO Assessment Services

As one of the original FedRAMP-accredited 3PAOs, Lunarline is authorized to conduct assessments and report results to the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB). Serving as your Independent 3PAO limits the support that we can provide before an assessment. However, our approach is designed to make the assessment process as painless and fair as possible. All testing is backed by detailed test plans developed in coordination with your team, and all requirements are clearly communicated, early in the process. We also take the time to understand your technical and business requirements, to give us the context we need to provide a fair assessment of security control implementation.

Contact Us to Get Started

Contact us today at fedramp@lunarline.com to talk with a Jedi security consultant about your organization's unique FedRAMP requirements. You can also download our FedRAMP White Paper here if you'd like to learn more about our unique approach.